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AusCycling United 2032

Win well to inspire Australians! 

In December 2022, AusCyling joined forces with the country’s peak Olympic, Paralympic and Commenwealth Games sporting organations to launch a national strategy aimed at building success towards Brisbane 2032 and beyond. 

Australia's High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy marks the inaugural collaboration of peak bodies encompassing Olympic, Paralympic, and Commonwealth Games sports across the nation. 

This groundbreaking initiative involves Federal, State, and Territory Institutes and Academies of Sport, as well as the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, and Commonwealth Games and National Sporting Organisations.


In alignment with this strategy and the core principle of 'Win Well,' AusCycling, along with other sports leaders in Sydney, has pledged to pursue ambitious sporting objectives while fostering safe, fair, and supportive cultures. 

The Legacy (Past Congress) 

Advisory Panel

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