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Craig Meinicke

Founder of Blue Sky Trails

About Craig

Craig is the founder of Blue Sky Trails, a trail development and management consultancy. The Blue Sky Trails team operate under the mission of creating the right trail, in the right place, for the right reasons, with systems in place to manage them effectively.


To support this mission Craig founded a software company called Trail Vision that facilitates the collection, analysis, and presentation of trail data to create compelling stories that enable proactive decision making.


Craig was chair of the working group that developed the Australian Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines and regularly gets his hands dirty supporting local trail volunteer groups to build and maintain mountain biking trails.

Conference Topic

Telling compelling stories through data - The role data plays in creating sustainable cycling trails


This presentation will explore ways data is being used to better manage trails as assets and to unearth and discover shifts in the ways people use cycling trails and the experiences they are seeking. 


The presentation will showcase how data can be collected, analysed, and implemented into the future of sustainable cycling trails. With examples for where data has created compelling stories that have underpinned positive conservation regeneration, climate resilient trail assets, economic growth, risk mitigation, and most of all high-quality user experiences.

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