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James Laing

Senior Principal Stantec - Transportation, Practice Leader - Cycle Planning & Design

About James

James Laing, with over 20 years of international experience, is a leading advocate for vibrant, sustainable communities through innovative design. He specializes in projects that enhance walking, cycling, and placemaking, ensuring neighborhoods and cities are safe, accessible, and enjoyable.


Previously at Transport for London, James was an instrumental designer during the development of their cycle superhighway network, highlighting the depth of his commitment to urban mobility and active travel. His work demonstrates a profound ability to transform infrastructure, navigate engineering ecosystems while promoting healthier lifestyles.


Embracing the Healthy Streets approach, James applies this philosophy across government projects nationally. He excels in adapting global best practices to local needs, advocating for inclusive and sustainable transport design. As a result, James is recognized as someone who drives meaningful change in transport planning and community connectivity.

Conference Topic

Active Cities by Design: Building Community Success in Infrastructure Projects


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