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Kate Bates OLY

Host of Female Participation Panel

About Kate

Kate Bates is the official ambassador of the 2024 Brisbane Cycling Festival.

Olympian and former world champion cyclist who achieved success at the highest level of the sport, both on the road and on the track, Kate has provided commentary and hosting for live television at major events, including the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and Tour de France. 

Kate was inducted into the AusCycling Australia Hall of Fame in 2019 and continues to work closely with grassroots and elite sport, as a board and committee member for various sporting organisations, and as the founder of Chicks Who Ride Bikes, a women's cycling community, and the app Llama, which allows users to make a social profile to find riders near them.


With more than 20 years’ experience in the cycling industry, Kate is passionate about sharing her knowledge, insights and stories with a global audience. As a co-host of The Wheelhouse Cycling Podcast, Kate brings a light-hearted and entertaining take on what's going on in the world of cycling.

Host of Female Participation Panel

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